Survey “Wie ich blogge?!”

Over the last two days, I had an interesting conversation with David Brake who is PhD researcher at Media@LSE, Internet consultant and Journalist. David sent a couple of questions about Blog Statistics to the AOIR-Mailing List, and I provided him with some results of the "Wie ich blogge?!"-Survey. His PhD thesis deals with "Private Lives Lived in Public: Weblogs and Self Performance" and includes a number of in-depth interviews with personal bloggers. I’m looking forward to his results and observations, since the practices of personal bloggers still don’t get the academic attention they deserve – most studies focus on the similarities or differences of Weblogs and Journalism or on the consequences of Weblogs for organizational communication. On a smaller scale, I did similar research when I interviewed a couple of in early 2005 during my research fellowship in Krems/Vienna.

Our exchange also convinced me to make the results of my survey available to an international (i.e. english-speaking) audience as soon as possible. After I’m done with putting together the working paper with first results in German, I’m going to translate the text (or parts of it, at least) to English and publish them here. Starting from that, I’d like to submit a paper to publication in an international journal, but that will take some time.. Right now, just some basic information on the survey (since David might refer to my site soon.. ;-) ):

The online survey "Wie ich blogge?!" was conducted in October 2005, in cooperation with blog providers,,, and Six Apart Germany. Questions covered various aspects of blogging practices, from motivations and content over issues of anonymity and identity to reading habits, as well as basic sociodemographic information. A special part of the questionnaire aimed at ex-bloggers (e.g. asking for reasons for stopping to blog).

Sampling was in part based on an E-Mail invitation to registered users of (n=980) and (n=96), in part on self-selection through a link banner that circulated through the german-speaking blogosphere (n=4.171). 83,9 percent of respondents are active bloggers, 11,8 percent are "readers only", and 4,3 percent are ex-bloggers (who still read blogs, though). The majority comes from Germany (81,5%), Austria (9,6%) and Switzerland (5,5%). Due to the sampling process, the results will not be statistically representative for the german-speaking blogosphere, but will give a good explorative indication about the state of blogging within those countries.

More to come in the next weeks; there is a special feed for my english postings here.


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